Registering an Agent with HFR

You should carefully read the Agent Policies and register the form here. HFR side will check and confirm with you as soon as possible.


Agent's main job

Agents have the job of finding customers to use services at HFR. Each room using HFR's services will be scored and ranked for each Agent.


Revenue and Incentives

With a revenue that can be up to nearly 45% on the service fee in each room, and many other attractive incentives by tier.


Agent policies and incentives

The main job of the Agent is to find customers to use the service at HFR. Besides, the Agent is responsible for reporting the situation to the company every month. Agents all have their own ranks, each level is calculated according to Points (the number of Points is based on the number of HFR Service Departments).

Along with the job, HFR Agents have a lot of Incentives and Benefits at each level and a stable revenue every month.

On the side of HFR company, we will support the agent to create, function, and service.

Before registering as an HFR Agent, you should carefully read the Affiliate Policy here.

Why you should be an Agent at HFR


Stable revenue

This is a job that helps you have a steady revenue every month. 20% income based on each room (points) that you refer customers to use the service at HFR.


Free time

No work pressure, no impact on your current work, no time constraints. You can completely earn extra income for yourself from being an HFR agent.


Many great deals

HFR will bring to Agents extremely attractive policies and incentives (based on each agent's rank). In addition, you will also be able to promote yourself in the future.

Frequently asked questions

ImageWhat is the monthly report for HFR?

Every month, HFR's agent is responsible for sending customer survey reports to HFR's side. The reporting form on the HFR side will be provided to the Agent. The work of submitting a monthly report will be counted as revenue for the Agent, so this is a must for the Agents..

ImageWhat are the ranks of the Agent?

There are 3 ranks of Agent in the current stage (Member - Bronze - Silver). Each level will have different incentives and rewards. The higher the rank, the greater the agent's promotion opportunities. All ranks will have support from HFR.

ImageWhen is HFR entitled to cancel your Agent role?

When you show signs of fraud, abuse, there are profiteering tricks. When HFR cancels your Affiliate, all the rooms the Agent is managing will be managed by the HFR team. Dealer Sales and Offers will be cancelled.

ImageHow is the level maintained?

You must find customers using HFR's managed services. Agent levels will have different points (1 point = 1 service room at HFR). When you complete the quota of the rank, you will be promoted and receive incentives from HFR.

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